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It should not be a big problem for other teams

March 6th, 2021

Mainly, how long can kabela play, how long can kabela play, how long can lantern play, because when kabela comes back on stage, he can play one big four small, he can also play the little brother’s team, he can also play Kapila. The speed of changing guard is very fast.

It should not be a big problem for other teams, but what. If the thunder can reach the warrior, it’s easy to be defeated by   and Ku Li. Wei Shao Ku Li has a fast speed and a three-point accuracy. It’s easy to blow up the opponent’s big brother. Well, let’s wait and see. Let’s see when the project can reach the camp. The position of consecutive serve means that it has been successful.

What’s more, grizzlies of the Raptors, er, the little family of the Raptors, Xiao Jia came off the bench today, and we are the same. This player has more than 30 million yuan. If you let him play on the bench, it’s all a loss. When you play in the camp, the first start means that the Raptors. This deal, ah, it’s done right, ah, it’s done right, of course, that guy has done it again and again, denied Valentinus, and restored the tradition to the position of flowers in the small family camp, right? Well, let’s talk about it again, and see when he can change.

There are some new yuan introduction

March 5th, 2021

No back, ah, the front fight promotion, will not come because of the lack of the lineup, right now, there are some new yuan introduction. Gordon also changed the main force to start this position. I think there is a problem. It is to verify what is being done in the test.

This is unknown. We can’t understand the operation of the master. We can’t understand it or understand it. Of course, it must be for the team’s consideration. Ah, again, today, the Warriors team opened up the team and we finished the game. Ah, it’s quite interesting. If you don’t see it, it’s a pity. Well, I can make a textbook and say it in the last four minutes. Well, the pioneer, the team got 8 points in one round and 8 points in one round. It doesn’t mean that the team gets 8 points in one round. The warriors, there is no ball. Head, the pioneer, the team runs to other people’s half and gets 8 points.

How can the ball come out and see how to play it? Well, how can the ball come out. It’s no surprise that the latter won me. I think that the pioneer, team, anyway, is the bitter leader of the warriors. It feels beautiful for so many years. It is far from pulling. When I meet this warrior team, I will burst my watch. It’s like playing chicken blood and eating stimulants. Remember.

And you also need to understand the basic tactical characteristics of this team

March 4th, 2021


It’s called a substitute. You’ve seen McKee and Tyson appear on the court at the same time. It’s impossible. It’s more than 48 minutes at the same time. It’s three minutes. It’s not more than a minute, half a minute, more than ten seconds. It’s a defensive rebound. So those who are still clamouring about fario to clock in, and those who are not fake substitutes are ridiculous and stupid.

First of all, you need to understand the game, you need to know the quality, you need to know the characteristics of these two players, and you also need to understand the basic tactical characteristics of this team. In the team, the whole playoffs, the whole regular season, 82 games, he will change. He may play in the back and change again. You should follow the coach’s thinking and the team’s changing rhythm to judge.

Fabio’s is not qualified for the substitute of kabela. Once again, I want to emphasize today. Well, kabela, it’s 34 minutes when he comes back from injury. There’s a lot of time. We said that kabela will probably play 38 minutes or more in the playoffs because kabela is too important for the Rockets. But you can also see that in the end, James, every ball is against coffee.

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Which shows that d’antony has made great contribution to the main team or the modern team

March 3rd, 2021

But the eagles, although they are not a good team, are also a straightforward basketball team. Well, even you can see from the game, Bai binggu, that d’antony is really like what he said yesterday. We said in yesterday’s program, otherwise we would have to have coffee. In a long period of time, ah, as the starter, ah, today is also, to fulfill the promise, ah, Gordon can finally be put on the bench, which is very important.

This is a landmark event, which shows that d’antony has made great contribution to the main team or the modern team. I’m quite satisfied, because Gordon is actually an alternative, ah, a spare tire. When he can’t run the front four, he has to go up. He has to make up for the lack of the main team by tapping the potential of the substitutes.

Yes, put Gordon on the bench. We said that Gordon is good at disrupting the game. In this starting environment, if he can’t play well, he must play on the bench. We can see that there are still 20 games left behind. Let’s go and see Gordon’s efficiency.

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You can see that they have not been absent in the playoffs for so many year

March 2nd, 2021


I can’t see if belia’s psychological level has collapsed. Well, willing to be lilard’s deputy, this kind of team is like this. In the future, you, Michael’s mother, you can’t give him less money.

If not, you can give him the same. Well, he’s willing to give you, right? It’s not very hard to play. It’s not very explosive. It’s just that he spent the money. It can only be said that he earned the salary. Such a poor man feels that it doesn’t matter whether he won the championship or not. Anyway, I earned enough money, right.

No matter what I do, right? Well, I only need my money, all the honors, flowers and applause. You forced Rudd. If you can earn enough, you can earn enough. Don’t rely on me, right? That’s almost the meaning. Let the team, um, be in the western environment, or in the League environment, right? You can see that they have not been absent in the playoffs for so many years, and they play very well. But once they play in the playoffs, they show their true colors, and the tail shows itself, right.

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It’s very possible to reach the level of the two teams at the last moment

March 1st, 2021

Triumphal team and the Pacers have played a flower time again. The score on the field is 87-80. In fact, it’s very anxious. We said that it’s very possible to reach the level of the two teams at the last moment, which is almost the same, even in the playoffs. So the Pacers are basically such a team. Then we’d better continue to talk about him in the last program, and he suddenly said, including Owen, after playing for most of the season.

It’s too hard to be a father and a mother, and it’s hard to lose. I have to bear the mental and physical pressure, so I think there may be some changes in Owen’s mood, which leads to the uncertainty of the team. What’s next year, including Owen.

Anyway, I may have the idea of running away in my heart. Now it’s clear. I can basically see Owen’s potential determination to leave Celtic team. So Celtic’s internal and external troubles are greater than external ones. I’m not optimistic about Celtic this year. Of course, this team is still tenacious. In the playoffs, will there be such, ah, transformation, mutation gene mutation, er, casting the aura of champion, er, even the Pacers and bucks. I feel that the walkers are normal. If they are pulled down by the walkers, don’t be too surprised. But it’s the end of the storm.

If they encounter the Bucks, they are likely to be toppled. I don’t think Celtic can compete with the bucks. Young master, the bucks are not what they used to be in the last season’s century war. The bucks are not what they used to be. This team, with the league’s, er, first record, the letter Guo Kunbo, won the MVP.

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Three seasons ahead of schedule

February 26th, 2021

Three games, three seasons ahead of schedule, three doubles for three consecutive seasons. This is rare. There is no future. Wei Shao is going to be the top three doubles in history. Curry is going to be the top three scorer in history. Three point shooters, ah, for example, none of them, right? Yes, we discuss whether there is one of them.

If we can win more than 181191 a191, we forget 181191 and 181191. The number of triple doubles is now 135135, so even if it’s 191, the total number is 60. 60 is too simple for weishao.

It’s too simple. It’s finished in two seasons. Ah, the worries are almost the same. 2400 to 2900 in a season and a half. If it’s a little bit worse, there will be no injuries in more than 300 cases. Even if two seasons and two seasons later, this great cause will be completed. It’s very good to cross history.

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Why must someone say that the price is too high

February 23rd, 2021


It should be three or four for 25 shots. There’s only a ten level hit rate. The actual hit rate is three points, the difference is three percentage points, the

Cavalry to see if there is a magic effect, right? Can’t enter the rotation position, can’t enter the team’s rotation lineup. Otherwise, why don’t the Spurs Popovich? Why must someone say that the price is too high? It’s too high. You have more than that price, right. A few years ago, bobanqun went to thunder sanshao, thunder team to play Spurs.

It’s not thunder sanshao playing spurs against thunder team, right? There are three on the three towers. Kant Ibaka and Durant Adams ride on. Ah, it’s impossible for the Spurs to beat the Spurs in turn. Ah, there’s no memory, but there’s no way to do it. Pai, go to Boban to see if he can save lives. Ah, if he can, at the end, it’s a half court game. Right? It turns out that there’s no possibility.

At least we have said that there is something to do

February 18th, 2021

Curiosity and expectation are not the same, right? You go to see two series, right? One series is the Nuggets and the Spurs, which are different. Do you play routine? The second series is the Pacers against Celtic, which is also er. The whole league is playing, attack, strike, match, fast play rhythm, right, ah, or accept everyone’s play rhythm, right?

But these two teams are not, let’s play defense, let’s see who is lower than who. OK, this series is like this. But let’s also say that you don’t think the Celtics will be able to sweep the Pacers 4-0, ah, we’re saying that, right?

This series, ah, it’s six games, normal, it’s 70%, don’t go to this accident, it’s really strange. At least we have said that there is something to do, and the wage earners are not necessarily 100%. Er, this kind of victory is not necessarily 100%. Ah, it can only be said that there is a certain advantage. Is 73 open right? When the two teams are exhausted in the end.

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They can be introduced into the competition of those players in the free market

February 9th, 2021

Absolute advantage of the third option, Anthony Davis and Owen, these two can also be no problem, in the case of no other players, ah, in the case of no other players Thomson green, Leonard Jimi Butler, to avoid winning Anthony Davis and Owen is also the ideal thing for the Lakers.

Anthony and Davis, once they are settled in, the two giants of the Lakers can be introduced. But remember, they can be introduced into the competition of those players in the free market who want to compete for the championship and want to join the Lakers.

Now, it’s the people who want to come to the lake with the fastest resume and the lowest price. It’s more likely. Of course, I always think that if the Lakers want to win the championship, they need to easily get the championship. Leonard is the first choice and the most important thing.